Professor Wu Jiang Became Member of the “Academie d'Architecture of France”

On the evening of November the 26th, the academician Conferral Ceremony of Academie d’Architecture was held in Paris, France. Professor Wu Jiang , the vice president of Tongji University, also an academician in Academie d’Architecture since April this year, was invited to attend the ceremony. Celebrities from the field of French architecture, culture, and education all gathered at the “Academie d’Architecture” to witness the conferral ceremony for three new academicians.
Before the beginning of the ceremony, Paul Quintrand, the chairman of the ‘Academie d’Architecture, spent some time with Professor Wu Jiang and accompanied him on a visit to some world famous architectures and their models, including the city planning diagram of Paris.  

During the ceremony, the chairman Paul Quintrand, on behalf of the colleagues of Academie d’Architecture, welcomed Professor Wu Jiang, and then, Pierre Clément, the former president of École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris Belleville and the partner of ArteCharpentier et Associes introduced Professor Wu Jiang ’s experiences and representative works.

Prof. Wu spoke about the protection of areas with historical cultural features in Shanghai. During his speech, Prof. Wu shared some achievements of himself and his team members, which received unanimous praise from participants. When the speech was over, Mr. Paul Quintrand awarded the academician medals and certificates of Academie d'Architecture to Prof. Wu and two other academicians.



At the buffet party, Prof. Wu communicated with the other two new academicians, distinguished guests and representatives of Tongji Alumni Association in France. Founded in 1840, Academie d’Architecture is the top academic institution in the field of architecture, and the oldest academy of architecture in the world. It has both a rich history and high reputation. There are currently over 200 academicians in that college, among which 54 academicians including Ieoh Ming Pei, R. Meier, N. Foster, R. Rogers, R. Piano and Tadao Ando are foreign academicians. Only four of them are Chinese academicians, who are Wu Liangyong, Qi Kang, Zheng Shiling and Wu Jiang.

Being the author of many monographs such as A History of Shanghai Architecture 1840-1949, Shanghai Longtang, Historical and Cultural Area Planning and Management, Wu Jiang has been doing research on modern and contemporary history and theories of world architecture, history, protection and utilization of Shanghai city and architecture in modern times. Prof.Wu has also completed some research on urban issues in contemporary China and Asia. The results of the scientific research led by him have won many awards, including first and second prize of National Outstanding Planning Award, first prize of Shanghai Outstanding Planning Award, first and second prize of Shanghai Decision Consulting Research Achievement Award and second prize in Shanghai “Science and Technology Progress” award.



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