Chinese Version of the Former German Chancellor's New Book Published at Tongji University

On the morning of November the 25, the Chinese version release conference of the book “AUS SORGE UM EUROPA” Ein Appell (Worries about Europe: My Appeal) written by Dr Helmut Kohl, former German chancellor and translated by Professor Zheng Chunrong, executive deputy director of German Studies Center of Tongji University, was held in Sino-German Building in Tongji University. Mr. Mei Zhaorong, China's former ambassador to Germany, Dr. Rui Wufeng, former consul general of Germany in Shanghai, Dr. Zhi Wenjun, president of Tongji University Press and Ren Wenting, director of the Shanghai Office of Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung were present at the meeting and gave keynote speeches.



AUS SORGE UM EUROPA Ein Appell, published by Tongji University Press, is one of the German translation series. Professor Zhi Wenjun addressed the meeting and said that Kohl has been a great pioneer of European integration in the 20th century and the publication of his book at Tongji University had a special meaning. In fact, serving as an important bridge in Sino-German exchanges, Tongji University’ relations with Germany had a profound origin in history. Kohl himself, Gerhard Schröder, former German Chancellor as well as many governors has been to Tongji University. In view of the discipline advantages and characteristics of Tongji University, German publication becomes one of the most distinctive business scopes of Tongji University Press. During the 12th five-year period, Tongji University Press emphasized the publication on German technology and culture, publishing Tongji-European cultural series as well as many monographs about German culture, thus a number of excellent publications such as AUS SORGE UM EUROPA Ein Appell (Worries about Europe: My Appeal), Das deutsche Europa (German Europe) and Europas Werte (Europe’s Value) were brought out.

Professor Zheng Chunrong, author of the Chinese version, shared the emotions he felt while translating the book. He pointed out that for Kohl, European unity bout the destiny and the fates of European countries. Kohl writesabout war and peace and how people must always keep in mind that European integration is a political project. Europe is now facing unprecedented crisis and challenges. Financial and economic crisis, sovereign debt crisis, Ukraine crisis, and the rising suspicion and national egoism pervading the EU countries at present are inevitably standing in the way of European integration to which Kohl has devoted his whole life.. He called upon all people, especially the young Europeans to learn from the history, and never ever take the peaceful and free environment they now live in for granted. He also stressed that with renewed team spirit the Germany-led European Union should unite as one in the difficult time, in that only by taking joint efforts, the dream of European integration could became true.

Ambassador Mei Zhaorong also delivered a keynote speech on the in-depth analysis of the problems besetting Europe, especially mentioning the Ukraine crisis, the refugee problems, the debt issue in Greece, Britain’s falling out of the EU, all of which are incredibly complicated owing to their roots in history. Taking the Ukraine crisis for an example, it is, in essence, a scramble for spheres of influence among superpowers and a serious consequence of their arbitrary interference in Ukraine’s domestic affairs. Mei spoke highly of Kohl for his great contributions to the Sino-German relations. He addressed him as the father of German reunification and the pioneer of European integration.

From the talks he had with Kohl, Dr. Rui Wufeng described him as a friendly, confident and visionary politician. During the talk, Kohl shared his personal experiences with domestic and international issues. from the time before the fall of Berlin Wall. He also shared his opinions, addressing the several problems standing in the way of the integration progress, such as refugee problems and the euro crisis. The guests present all agreed to and emphasized that given the unprecedented crisis and increasingly complex environment the EU faces upon it will be fundamental for EU development to continue to have faith in the European integration and enhance the ability of states and citizens to work together.


Translated by May Language Studio Based upon