Tongji Students Won “The Challenge Cup” Competition

The Fourteenth National College Student Extracurricular Academic Works of Science and Technology Competition “Challenge Cup”, named and sponsored by Chinese Aviation Industry (shortened as AVIC), was held in Guangdong University of Technology. Tongji students were awarded Winning Prize on November the 20th. This is the third time that Tongji has won the Winning Prize in this competition since 2003. Tongji has become one of the 14 universities that have been both awarded on the National College Student Entrepreneurship Competition “Creating Youth” and the “Challenge Cup”. This year especially, the Departments of Chemistry, College of Transportation and Engineering and School of Political Science and International Relations have all reached the final for the first time. This indeed was a great achievement, meanwhile, the School of Materials Science and Engineering brought to Tongji the third Grand Prize (only awarded to 3% universities in the nation). This price has been won before by the College of Architecture and Urban Planning in 2007 and by College of Environmental Science and Engineering in 2011. Liu Gang and Xu Jianping, Deputy Secretary of Shanghai Committee and Vice Chairman of the University Council, came over and talked with Tongji students and faculty asking detailed information about the contest.



This year, more than 2,000 universities and over 200,000,000 students were directly involved in the contest. The projects went through a thorough selection process, where more than 1,569 projects from 528 universities competed in the first round and only 783 projects from 318 universities were left in the final, containing 11 academic areas of mathematics, IT, life science, energy and chemistry, mechanical and control, philosophy, economics, sociology, law, education and management. The jury under the lead of Chinese Academics, consisting of about 100 experts and scholars, evaluated all the projects strictly and cautiously.



In the end, all the six Tongji projects entered the final and won prizes. Here is a list of the prizes and the respective projects. The Grand Prize was awarded to New Constructing Materials Based on Water Heat Curing Sea Sand with Low Impact on Environment by School of Materials Science and Engineering; Second Prizes to High-Speed Detection System of Flatness of Pavement Based on Acceleration Power Spectrum Density by College of Transportation and Engineering; Internet Search Engine of Protein Databases Based on the Comparison of Isotope Fingerprint by Department of Chemistry; Research on Lung Cancer treated by Immunotherapy of Cells with Dendrite Formation by Medical School; and to Vibration Reducing System of Suspended Floor Based on TMD (Tuned Mass Damper) Principle from College of Civil Engineering; and a Third Prize went to Settlement and Management of Centralized Community in Small Town During New Urbanization by School of Political Science and International Relations. Mr. Shi Lei, vice general manager of Shanghai Lugang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., signed a contract on the closing ceremony with Mr. Liu Chenglong, student representative of the project of High-Speed Detection System of Flatness of Pavement Based on Acceleration Power Spectrum Density.


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