Tongji PhD student Wang Yunping’s watercolors exhibited at Jiaxing Library

A little rider who is nervous but happy, a wanderer full of symbolic implications…“Life is elsewhere -- Exhibition of Wang Yunping’s Watercolors” kicked off at Jiaxing Library on the 22nd of November. The exhibition showcased 65 watercolors of distinctive styles as well as an album of those paintings for people to feast their eyes on.



Wang Yunping is a PhD student at the School of Humanities, Tongji University and a member of Zhejiang Artist Association. He is also the Director of Art & Design Department, Jiaxing University, and from May to August in 2015, he worked as a visiting scholar at the University at Buffalo, and at the State University of New York. he depicted local natural landscape and social life with a tactile and poetic style of drawing. While overseas he was able to create over 90 paintings.



Wan Shuyuan, Deputy Dean of College of Humanities of Tongji University commented that Wang Yunping, “…goes after neither exotic atmosphere, nor dramatic events or novel techniques in his painting. He just naturally depicts ordinary people and scenery, and this is the feature of his painting.”

Wang said, “When I set my foot on the land of America, I realized I lived elsewhere and I had to learn to deal with this whole new environment. All I wanted at that time was to get rid of shadows and catch even a very tiny ray of light ahead by water colors creation.”


Translated by May Language Studio Based upon