Tongji University Holds Evening Gala Concerning Sichuan Culture

On November 18th, the evening a theatrical performance named "Let’s Advance Jointly for Sichuan’s Dream" co-hosted by Sichuan Provincial Government and Tongji University was held in the auditorium of the Siping campus, with nearly 3,000 people including Fan Ruiping, member of the Standing Committee of Sichuan Province and minister of Organization Ministry, and Yang Xianjin, party secretary of Tongji University, leaders of different departments and bureaus of Sichuan province, together with functional departments and teachers and students from different colleges of Tongji University attended the party.


Sichuan Song and Dance Troupe and school teachers and students jointly interpreted the relationship between Tongji and Sichuan in the performance themed by "Let’s Advance Jointly for Sichuan’s Dream" which not only demonstrated the long history and profound cultural heritage of Sichuan, but also showed Tongji’s nature of cherishing gratitude for the source of benefit and staying in the same boat to overcome difficulties. The party also invited Liu Jing, an actor of Premier Zhou Enlai in modern drama troupe of the PLA General Political Department and national first-class performer, as the guest host whose witty host style won waves of warm applause. 



The spirit of working together was recreated in three episodes of the Drama Working Together While Facing Shared Challenges jointly performed by students of the class 2014 and 2015 majoring in acting. It was with this spirit that members of Tongji University who insisted saving the nation with schools and knowledge in LiZhuang Period when national crisis occurred fearlessly sacrificed themselves for the freedom of the nation. The drama also let the audience review the broad mind of the very first generation of outstanding Tongji members like Meng Wuchao, Wu Zhongbi, Wang Shoujue and Jin Shiao coming from Lizhuang, as well as the friendship between Tongji University and Sichuan province dating from 60 years ago. Chorus of Tongji University also offered the song “Higher and Higher” which won the chorus the golden prize in International Youth Chorus Festival. The song was featured with the colorful campus culture, expressing the university members’ everlasting pursuit of excellence. 




Beauty of Ugliness in Sichuan Opera performed by Opera House of Sichuan perfectly combined various forms of folk traditional arts in Sichuan, among which fascinating shows like Tea Art, Fire Breathing and Face Changing demonstrated humorous personalities as well as high spirit of people in Sichuan. Female group dance Flowers in Bloom honorably performed in CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala was even more enchanting with the glamour of long sleeves in the classical dance extremely manifested in dancers’ movements and postures. The performance compared the friendship between Tongji University and Sichuan province to beautiful spring when flowers were in their bloom, showing their vitality in every sense. 




The evening party was divided into two parts with the former one entitled Youth starting with the folk music Shanghai Ballad and symphony on Beethoven, vividly combining the eastern classical music with western one. The high spirit of students in Tongji was fully showcased in the ballet Between in which dancers’ postures and movements harmoniously interwove with the music. In the latter part entitled Beautiful Sichuan the Tibetan group dance Black Tibetan Robe heartily performed by Kangba men inspired everyone while Tibetan music Welcome to the Prairie overwhelmed by vitality brought the audience’s thoughts back to the vast prairie where horses and the blue sky dominate a landscape featured with quietness and leisure. In the final part of the party, Yi women’s group dance Happy Sweet Life whose theme is Torch Festival manifested Sichuan girls’ zeal and everlasting pursuit of beauty. The party reached its climax while Spring of Sichuan was performed, vividly showing the audience the dramatic changes, great achievements and people’s high spirit and determination to realize the Chinese dream. 


The LED screen and the lighting of the stage enhanced the beauty and the great vitality of the renderings. . The wonderful performances offered by Opera House of Sichuan vividly showed the diversified ethnic culture of Sichuan to the audience. At the same time, the performances offered by Tinggi University with their fusion of characteristics of both the east and the west unveiled the inclusiveness of the art. The event saw an attendance of 3,000 students and faculties which filled the assembly hall in a precious audio-visual feast. Overall, a great chapter in the lasting journey of the friendship between Tongji University and Sichuan province. 



Translated by May Language Studio