Tongji University liberal arts office is a function department that is responsible for the development and building of philosophy and social science in the University.

    Major responsibilities:   

    1.Academic planning, talent planning, resource planning; the committee of liberal arts and the secretariat of liberal arts department; office of liberal arts advanced research institute; assist the setup of liberal arts specialty, building of general education in liberal arts courses, and building of campus culture. 

    2. Application of major projects, state level or provincial and ministerial-level project, cooperative research with local government, transformation of research results, organizing and managing interdisciplinary research. Expense and results management of all projects, application for achievement rewards. 

    3. Liberal arts related construction of “985 project”,“211project”; base management and research institute management;executive secretary of city development and management research base; drive international cooperative researches and academic exchanges of liberal arts. 

    4. Science research evaluation and statistics, comparing domestic and internationalliberal arts development and monitoring of liberal arts development status, financial and administrative affair, information gathering and publishing, high-level talent service of liberal arts. 

    5. Administrative management of the editorial office of liberal arts department. Based on the spirit of reform and the aim of improving service quality, liberal arts office will not have any internal departments, instead it will setup administrative management and service post, information management and service post, project management and service post, achievement management and service post, and liberal arts development planning and disciplinary construction post. 

    Liberal arts officescientific research project management and service posts: 

    In-campus project management and service post: liberal arts youth fund project, in-campus international cooperation project, young talent planning project, major discipline nurturing project, liberal arts academic forumproject, academic monograph publishing project, interdisciplinary research planning project, and think tank planning project. 

    Horizontal project management and service post: managing off campus research fund,event planning of board of directors and alumni association, establishing off campus discipline research project, all entrusted projects (industry-academy-research projects), campus research project, university -enterprise research project, university –department (ministry) research project, university-province research project. 

    Vertical project management and service post: national major project management and service, national social science fund project, national education department project,Shanghai social science fundproject, Shanghai municipal education committee project, State Natural Sciences Foundation management project, Ministry of Science and Technology soft science planning project, other planning projects of ministries and commissions. 

    Project result management and service post: scientific research achievements review, scientific research reward management, special scientific research achievements management (literary works, art works, etc.), scientific research achievements appraisal, scientific research achievements promotion, academic monograph publishing, liberal arts academic papers library, liberal arts academic works library. 

    Office Location: Fourth floor of north administrative building, campus on Siping Road.