(1)School of Economics and Management
    Tongji University started its economic and management education from 1956, which made it one of the first universities to carry out such professional education in China. Tongji University established its School of Economic Management in 1984 which was integrated with business school in 1998 into School of Economics and Management. Currently, the School offers major disciplines of economics and management of Tongji University. It has set up Management Science and Engineering Department, Construction Management and Real Estate Department, Business Administration Department, Accounting Department, Economy and Finance Department and Public Management Department and has corresponding research institutes and labs for second-level disciplines.
    Telephone: 021-65983943
    Address: No. 1239 Siping Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai
    Website: http://sem.tongji.edu.cn/

    (2)School of Humanities
    In 1946, the first school of literature in Shanghai was established in Tongji University. Since then, Tongji University has established the complete structure of a comprehensive university that covers science, engineering, literature, law and medicine. At that time, School of Literature gathered many scholars in humanities & social sciences fields who had big influence both at home and abroad, such as Guo Shaoyu, the head of Department of Chinese, Xiong Wei, the head of Department of Philosophy, Chen Quan, the head of Department of German Language and Literature, Wu Ping, the head of Department of History. In addition, many famous professors like Zhang Shizhao, Zheng Shoulin, Yang Yizhi, Yang Kang, Feng Qi, Feng Zhi, and Liao Fuxiang all taught in School of Literature.
    Telephone: 021-65981282
    Address: No. 1239 Siping Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai
    Website: http://sal.tongji.edu.cn


    (3)School of foreign languages
    Tongji boasts a hundred year of foreign language teaching. Tongji University has always been committed in the education of foreign language since it first established Department of German Language in its German Medical School in 1907. Later in 1946, it established Department of Foreign Literature, and in 1998 it established School of Foreign Languages. Many literature giants such as translator Feng Zhi, philosopher Chen Quan, poet Yin Fu, German scholar William Zhang, and German language scholar Liao Fujun used to teach here.
    Address: Huiwen Building, Tongji University, No. 1239 Siping Road, Shanghai

    (4)School of Law/School of Intellectual Property
    The School of Law of Tongji University was established in 1945, which is famous for its civil law research and education. Some famous jurists such as XuDaolin, Xie Huaishi and Chen Shengqing taught here. In 1994, Tongji University recovered its legal discipline, and since 2008, we started the cooperation with Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) to establish a Department of Economic Law in our Sino-German College. In 2003, we built our School of Intellectual Property under the support of domestic and international organizations such as State Intellectual Property Office and Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property. In recent years, we have optimized the resources of Department of Law, School of Intellectual Property and Department of Economic Law in our Sino-German College, and restored the organizational system of School of Law.
    Address: No. 1239 Siping Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

    (5)School of Political Science and International Relations
    The School of Political Science and International Relations in Tongji University is a new born baby. Her birth and growth are the result of years of effort by many teachers and the implementation of scientific development concept by our leaders. She is young, yet full of energy.
    The whole faculty will work together to drive disciplinary development and focus on teaching affair and students' cultivation. We will enhance our communication with high-level government officials, famous universities and thinking tanks of various countries, and try to cultivate inter-disciplinary talents who are both good at arts and science and with global vision as well as strong organizing and managing skills.
    Telephone: 021-65982200
    Address: No. 1239 Siping Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

    (6)School of Marxism
    The School of Marxism of Tongji University was officially established in November, 2008. It was a big step for Tongji University to strengthen the construction of Marxism discipline, and to enhance the ideological and political education of undergraduates as well as to improve the overall quality of its students.
    Telephone: 021-65983863
    Address: No. 1239 Siping Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

    (7)School of Design and Innovation
    The School of Design and Innovation of Tongji University was originated from the Department of Art Design, School of Architecture and Urban Planning. The Department of Art Design started undergraduate admission of industrial design major in 1986, and in 1993, we officially established our Department of Industrial Design. Later in 2000, we added Art Design major which grants Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering and Bachelor’s Degree of Art at the same time. In the same year, we changed the name of Department of Industrial Design to Department of Art Design; in 2001, it started to take in postgraduates in Art Design and grant Master’s Degree of Art; in 2002, it started to take in doctoral students in Design History and Theory and grants Doctor's Degree of Architecture.
    Telephone: 021-65983432
    Address: No. 281, Fuxin Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

    (8)School of Vocational and Technical Education
    With the aim to establish innovative cultivation mode for vocational and technical education teachers and to improve their quality of teaching, State Education Commission announced in October 1994 to build School of Vocational and Technical Education in six comprehensive universities including Tongji University, which all focus on cultivation, training of vocational and technical education teachers as well as vocational and technical education research.
    Telephone: 021- 69589621
    Address: No. 1239 Siping Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

    (9)Department of Physical Education
    Tongji has a long history of sports. Since our establishment in 1907, sports has beenwith us all along. In April 1916, our Department of German was invited by St. John's University to join the sports meeting held at their campus and got highest group score.
    In the second half of 1921, we established our Civil Engineering Club. In addition to the existing football team of Engineering Department, we further built up a basketball team, a tennis team and a Ping-Pong team, to encourage more students to engage in physical activities. In 1928...
    Telephone: 021-65983777
    Address: No. 1239 Siping Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

    (10)School of International Cultural Exchange
    Tongji University is one of the national key universities directly under the Chinese Ministry of Education, it is also a key university in “211 project” and “985 project”. It was founded in 1907 under the name “Tongji” which means cooperation and mutual aid. After a hundred years of development, Tongji University has become a comprehensive university covering nine discipline categories including science, engineering, medicine, literature, law, philosophy, economics, management and education.
    Telephone: 021-65985598
    Address: No. 67 Chifeng Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

    (11)School of Arts and Media
    In May 2001, while Tongji University was trying to grow into a world-class, research-oriented comprehensive university, the School of Arts and Media was established. By leveraging the disciplinary advantage of Tongji University and the geographical advantage of Shanghai, the School is able to closely follow the modern international communication, art and technology trends and managed to merge art with communication. It determined to take new media communication concept as its direction and to focus on the integration of new media art and technology, so it could break the barrier between communication and art, and cultivate high-level practical and interdisciplinary talents in new media and art field with strong theoretical basis, global vision, innovation ability and Chinese culture characteristics.
    Telephone: 021-69584745
    Address: No. 4800, Caoan Road, Jiading District, Shanghai